Aug 272010

A common disorder, IBS Irritable bowel syndrome causes alot of problem for those who are expiencing the syndrome. My beloved wife has experienced problems very similar to IBS. Many solutions have been tested to bring some order to this, all with more or less unsuccessful result. All tests for lactose intolerance have come back with negative results. Nothing in it for her bowel there.

The strange thing has been that almost every single time we have been abroad, virtually all problems has dissapeared. This has puzzled us a lot. What is the difference between Sweden and the countries we have visited on our holidays?

The only thing we could think of was that the milk was not in the refrigerator but was UHT milk on the shelf outside the refrigerator. Our regular Swedish milk is pasteurized, while UHT (Ultra High Temperature) is pasteurized at a much higher temperature and does not need to be stored cold until opened.

Lidl Millbona UHT Milk

We decided to find out what the difference between regular milk and UHT milk was, so I contacted one of the country’s largest dairies with my question. It took about a week before the answer came in my inbox, I got the impression that they had not thought about the phenomenon earlier, but the answer was that the UHT process coagulates a larger amount of whey proteins compared to regular milk. So we decided to do an unscientific survey, drove the car to Lidl and a lot of UHT milk were procured.

Fascinating enough, this gave almost immediate results, a bit like when we were on vacation again 🙂 A week or so into our unscientific test my wife went out for lunch with her collegues. The food contained mashed potatoes made with regular milk, and suddenly the problem was back again. Everything was restored back to normal after one day with UHT milk. There is clearly a connection!

A completely different side effect, UHT milk need not be stored under refrigeration until the package is opened, it allows us to stock up alot of milk and store in the closet. When it is empty in the fridge, we pick a new package in the closet and let cool down, it works fine.

So if you have syndromes reminiscent of IBS, it may be worth replacing milk and products that contains regular milk with UHT milk.

September update: I have recommended a few persons with simmilar problems to replace milk with UHT, and all of them has experienced the same improvement.

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